Get started now with your personal coat of arms

Once you placed the order you will receive an order confirmation and an advise for a 50% prepayment.

Upon receipt of funds we will send you questionnaires asking for your wishes for your coat of arms and about your family presence and past.
You may rest assured that we treat all information sensibly and strictly confidential according to the European laws.

As the result of your answers we will prepare the first draft.
Even though usually not needed, you have the right to change the design up to 3 times.

After your final explicit consent of the design we will fulfill the report about the creation of your coat of arms as well as the framed certificate which you will receive within 2 to 4 weeks.

Coat of Arms – A link between generations

It has always been the same, it is not the custom that coats of arms are bestowed rather they are commissioned. We talk about a coat of arms commission when someone wants to create a new coat of arms for their family.

Throughout the whole commissioning process, from the first conversation about the examination and processing of your family documents and the drawing up of the coat of arms outline right through to the commission report and certificate, you will be diligently accompanied and advised by our team of experts.


Design drawing

This presents the heraldic composition that will become the contents of your coat of arms.


Certificate of Commission

Beautifully presented

Framed behind non-reflective glass, this gives your new tradition its own permanent place in the family.


Commission report

This contains all of the information about your coat of arms and the origins and meanings of its components. Your thoughts and wishes are preserved for future generations.



  • Personal consultation
  • Examination and processing of submitted family documents
  • Prioritization of the commissioner’s wishes regarding heraldic considerations
  • Bibliographical analysis
    • Local coat of arms in accordance with available family history
    • Occupational coat of arms/ tools of trade in accordance with historical and current family members
    • Examination of the family name for meanings that can be heraldically symbolized
  • Development of heraldic symbolizations
  • Drawing up of the coat of arms outline
  • For existing coats of arms: completion of incomplete parts of the coat of arms
  • For existing coats of arms: if necessary, change of or amendments to symbols to safeguard the rights of third parties
  • Graphical realization and drawing up of the design drawing (up to four iterations are included)
  • Certificate of uniqueness using the register created by Dr. Neubecker and other heraldic registers
  • Drawing up of text explaining the symbolism present in the coat of arms
  • Drawing up of the final artwork
  • Drawing up of the blazoning (specialist description of the coat of arms)
  • Etymological explanations
  • Drawing up and editing of the report text
  • Drawing together of the commission documentation
  • Drawing up of the printers’ copy
  • Data CD with color coat of arms image with and without name-band (jpeg and PDF formats)
  • Bookbinder processing of the commission documentation in a real leather folder
  • Fashioning of the certificate of commission incl. frame and glass

Coat of arms commission

Cost: ($)3,700

Completion: 3 to 6 months after submission of all necessary documents.

Payment: 50% of fee to be paid upon placement of order, remaining 50% upon delivery of the documentation. Subject to the terms and conditions on the order form.


I hereby commission a coat of arms for our family for $3,700

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