The Significance of Historical Events for Genealogy

geschichteHistory, as we know from school not only takes place in great dimensions. Especially everyday events are significant for the Genealogy. In general, we can observe an increasing interest of people towards historical incidents. As an example, burning of witches scored 56,000 hits at Google in 2010 whereas it scored six-fold in 2012!

In history Europe was constantly changing. Did you know that people not only were changing regions but also continents due to migratory movements? Europeans have always been mobile due to several movements like the refugee movements during the Thirty Years’ War or because of religious reasons during the reformation time. The very low life expectancy of people back then is today at best latent aware.

History & Pro Heraldica

Genealogy is archival research. Our unique network of 300 historians and genealogists around the world enables professional research. This network of experts then performs directly at the domains of your ancestors. Genealogy is best to operate with success where for centuries there was no war. This means that borders did not change due to change of power, therefore records of churches and secular organizations were able to preserve carefully. In Europe this situation especially is applicable in England and Switzerland.

This three cards with their dominations structures are showing how the changeable fate of history also marked the history of German families. It perfectly demonstrates why professional Genealogy needs experienced historians and genealogists.

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