History of Genealogy

For a long time, only those of “noble birth” knew their family histories. That all became history since the middle class and wealthy peasantries aspired. For the first time, sound craftsmanship, successful commercial transactions and the possession of agricultural property were just as respected as a nobleman’s fame in war. Due to this social development, Genealogy became more popular and means of self-representation. Round about 300 years ago was the birth of Genealogy among the gentry.

The middle class now was able to demonstrate a good reputation. Accordingly this, merchants could conclude business transactions much more quickly and successfully. They considered Pedigree Charts and Family Trees as a “sales pitch” which represented respectability and trustworthiness.

Genealogy in the 21st century

“A chronicle can only be written by someone for whom the present is important”. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. have become an important part of people’s lives. Nowadays we are living in a hyper-connected modern world. This subjects us to a stream of pictures, headlines and information without context. Personal details  slowly dissapear among them. In conclusion traditions and histories are disappearing.

It is not surprising that more and more people hardly try to pull themselves out of this delusion. More and more people want to get details about their personal family stories and roots. At this point the quest for one’s own identity arises. The own identity that develops historically is as a major part of the personality. With globalization and individualization, the personal destinies no longer stop at national borders. Genealogy has never been so popular.

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