The Family Tree

drawingBy opening a good book you delve into an exciting story. You are discovering a completely new world with new impressions and feelings. In fact a Family Tree is nothing else than a good book with the sole difference that it tells your very own and personal family history. Feel and see your ancestors and their stories with our professional and artistically charming Family Trees. Create a special bond between generations and strengthen the family’s identity. Find your roots and find yourself.

Exploring and discovering the origins of the own family is one of the most exciting things you can do. Especially the knowledge about the own family history is an invaluable legacy for next generations.

A Story-Telling Family Tree!

Family Tree structure

Family Tree structure

If you decide to create a Family Tree we are focusing the genealogy on the root name. The genealogy then starts from an initial person and researches the direct sequence of father and son. So, this sequence forms the trunk of the tree, the main line. The family name therefore is the central theme of the Family Tree. The progenitors (the oldest known ancestor) build the base of the tree, quite literally your “roots”. All their progeny are diverging from this original source. Siblings branch out horizontally. The research of the wives and children of each forefather gives the tree a personal story. In addition the collateral line forms the branches of the tree. The tree comes alive the deeper the research goes. The youngest members adorn the treetop. In conclusion the family tree shows all descendants who are bearing the same family name.

The artistic realization begins with the end of the research. Professional artists draw the Family tree on qualitative parchment by hand. The Family Tree is the topping of the research since it expresses the family’s history. Therefore it is not surprising that customers are ordering copies for other family members as well.

It is also possible to get the Family Tree as an art printing, which is created digitally. The Family Tree than is printed on paper and therefore supplements is not possible afterwards. Parchment gives the advantage that changes can be done easily since entries can be erased with a scalpel.

For each researched ancestor, we provide the following details, as the sources permit:

  • First name
  • Place and date of birth and baptism/christening
  • Place and date of marriage
  • Profession
  • Date of death and burial location
  • Interesting facts and stories when found

Documents are evidencing each item of information. So, future generations will always understand the sources. Under normal circumstances, such a research will take one to three years.

Part of a Larger Story

part_of_larger_storyThe Family Chronicle contains the findings of the genealogy. The details and documentations are augmented with real-life context provided by expert teams of writers, editors and historians. The chronicle is a true vision of contemporary life at the time your ancestors lived. Regional details and historical explanations make the chronicle more than just a list of facts. It is a tangible and comprehensive story of your origins, bringing your own family history to life.

Feel, see and hear your own family history with the support of Pro Heraldica! Knowing the names, origins and living conditions of your ancestors will make the family history even more exciting and tangible! It will get a part of your life today and strengthen the family cohesion.

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