Family Chronicles

“The history of a single family is so much more informative than the history of a nation” – Marion Gräfin Dönhoff

Once the Genealogical research is completed the Family Chronicles are compiled. It is the real intent and purpose of ancestral research. A chronicle contains all of the researched documents as a copy or transcription (some documents may not be copied or photographed) plus biographical facts and figures within a historical framework. These facts and figures tell the story of the family making it accessible and bringing it to life.

Experienced editors and historians describe the contemporary circumstances and the peculiarities of the respective regional history. Sometimes it is necessary to elaborate on a profession which has died out or which is totally unknown. Then further research is necessary.

The Family Chronicles often comprise several volumes, all bound in leather – a valuable treasure of family and personal identity. Many clients participate energetically in the compilation of their Family Chronicle. So, they provide photos and other documents which then are included and make the story even more impressive.

After all, quality needs time. To finalize your personal Family Chronicle the experts of Pro Heraldica need around 6 months.

 “A chronicle can only be written by someone for whom the present is important” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

After researching the facts and figures, the researcher often has very little time to process them. Detailed work in determining the circumstances of the relevant time are just as much part of this work as sensitive editing of the research results. Sometimes boxes bury very special family treasures. These treasures are mostly unsorted documents and sources. Unfortunately the boxes do not reveal anything about the treasures they contain. And in the worst cases, they end up on a garbage dump as waste paper. In comparison, carefully processed documents are little artistic gems. And perhaps on the occasion of a major festivity or anniversary, the family can look back with pride on its history. The family chronicle is truly a special legacy.

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