Family Chronicles

Once your genealogical research is complete, the findings are compiled into a very special collection—the family chronicle.

Your family chronicle will be treasured for generations to come. A collaborative work of genealogists, historians, writers and editors, the chronicle tells the stories of your ancestors in a format that reflects their magnitude.

Leather-bound Family Chronicle

Leather-bound Family Chronicle

What Makes Your Story Significant

The family chronicle is not just a list of names, dates and addresses. Our historians, writers and editors set the scene for key events in your family’s history. These experts illuminate the data with contemporary context and regional details about that time and place in history. Facts and figures are woven into a supporting historical framework that helps bring understanding to your ancestors’ experiences.

For example, a historian may include explanation of a profession that is referenced but has since become obsolete or is totally unknown. Infused with PRO HERALDICA’s expertise, the chronicle gives renewed longevity to your ancestors and their stories.

The chronicle is presented in a beautiful 2-volume leather bound set.

Book 1 contains the history of your family in context with world events, past and present:

  • All of the comprehensively researched biographical facts and figures
  • Historical and regional context from a dedicated team of editors, writers and historians

Book 2 includes all of the supporting documents for your family history:

  • Copies of all researched documents
  • Transcriptions of documents not permitted to be copied or photographed
  • Complete translations of the documents
Family history of Drosihn family

Family history of Drosihn family

How Do You Fit In?

We encourage you to become part of the compilation of your family chronicle. Many clients enthusiastically provide photos, stories and other documents, which our editors incorporate into the finished work.

Don’t let the rich stories of your origins go untold. Pass on your family chronicle as an enduring legacy of a living, personal, and vibrant history. Contact us today.