Genealogy – Family History

Most of us are drawn to our family history for the same reason—simple curiosity:

  • Where do I come from?
  • Who were my ancestors and what did they do?
  • What were they like?
old documents

Historical Records

As you uncover details that begin to put a face and personality to your past, what started as just a curiosity quickly becomes something more.

Knowledge of your origins gives your family a sense of place and historical context that can be both humbling and inspiring. You may find shared interests with ancestors, common traits and values—connections that bring new perspective to your identity.

Each new discovery, as you are able to delve deeper and deeper, unlocks even more rewarding insights.

To be successful, genealogical research needs structure. In our 40 years of experience, we have found that there is only one true path to discovering your family history. The path must lead into archives and actual historical documents. With our team of 55 employees working with over 300 regional genealogists, Pro Heraldica has the resources in place to tackle the most complex of cases.

Research Methods: Family Tree vs Pedigree Chart

Family Tree

The most popular research we conduct is Family Tree research. The tree is depicted with you at the bottom, and the trunk represents the paternal line. As we research the direct father-son line, your ancestors fill in above you. The tree takes its shape as the siblings of each of your direct paternal ancestors form the branches. The persons in the paternal line represent the main line, with the family name making up the common thread throughout the research.
Learn more about Family Tree research.

Pedigree Chart

A much more complex type of research is the Pedigree Chart. Pedigree research focuses exclusively on pairs of parents. We usually start with our client or their children and follow the direct ancestors back through the generations. In this way, the father and mother are identified for each person, and thus the number of people is doubled with each generation.

Find out more information on Pedigree Chart research.

Where to Begin

With more than 50,000 completed research projects around the world, there is no more qualified team than PRO HERALDICA. If you are serious about pursuing your family history, partner with a team that has the expertise, resources and connections required to harvest key details about your family history and trace them back to the source. When the information you seek is this valuable, can you trust the task to anyone but the world’s best?


  • Access to the world’s largest private archive for genealogy and heraldry.
  • Expertise to identify, pursue, translate and understand the most obscure historical leads
  • Experience to guide us to efficiently resolve challenges and avoid obstacles, saving you time, effort and frustration
  • Relationships with more than 300 researchers in the field
  • Pride in our role, as artists and craftsmen, to deliver you a richly satisfying chronicle of your family history, comprehensively researched, beyond your highest expectations.

We attach particular importance to learning about your wishes and any personal motivations related to our research. For us, each project is shaped by your values and goals right from the very beginning.

This kind of personal support and care throughout the genealogical process is one of PRO HERALDICA’s most prominent and defining characteristics.

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