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The USA is a bunch of cultural variety, since it has a considerable immigration history. Did you know, that only 7% of people living in the United States indicate to be American?* The more astonishing it is, that the majority even does not know his family history, far less the roots. 

Aren’t you curious about the story of your ancestors?

The chance of having an interesting family history that will lead you overseas, especially to Germany is really high.

Do you want to know your risky ancestor who dared the journey over the Atlantic to an unknown world?

With our network of 300 professional genealogists and historians all around the U.S and Europe we will accompany you through an exciting journey back to your roots. Doing the research on-site you will always get verified results and a very individual family chronicle written by professional authors. Learn more about our genealogy service!

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*according to 2010 Census results.

At least once in a lifetime everyone asks himself: Who am I? To find answers you may start a very first research in your family history. In professional terminology this is Genealogy.

Genealogy is the quest for one’s own origins – A quest for identity. It is part of the human condition to find identity, to strengthen, and to expand it. Such an identity has to be developed over time. To orientate, milestones are necessary. They are marking the way and setting impulses. The most important one is the question of one’s descent. The more you know about your ancestors, the more the awareness grows, that you belong to a certain family. Certain features are strengthening this belonging and helps to pull the family together.

Our Service

Professional research on site.

For over 40 years, Pro Heraldica conducts professional genealogical research. Experienced and professional genealogists all over the world take care about your personal family history. Step by step Pro Heraldica researches onsite and goes deeper in your ancestry. Afterwards a Family Tree or Pedigree Chart presents the research results and unlocks your personal family history.

True and provable results.

Since we emphasize customer satisfaction we are billing success fee. Therefore, beside the basic fee you will be only charged for true and provable results making our work professional. Only ancestors we can clearly prove by any documents or records will be count as a result. Additional to the artistic presentation of the results you will get a Family Chronicle including all founded documents about the ancestors on your Family Tree or Pedigree Chart. In addition to give your personal touch to your chronicle feel free to submit family photos, letters or any other records! 

Pro Heraldica is the key to your family history.

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The Genealogical Research

In five steps genealogical experts will research your origins with your initial support:

I. Collecting information, documents and data in the family environment

The very beginning is to collect any information, documents and data in your family environment. Especially stories about ancestors that are known in the family are very interesting for the whole research process. Consequently your initiative support is important in this step. Here are a few tips to get started in your own genealogy:

  • Start by gathering information within your immediate family environment.
  • Who else can tell you more about the past than the person who lived back then? It is a great advantage if parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents are still alive. Interview them!
  • Write down basic information (date of birth/marriage/death, aso.), stories and anecdotes. This is essential for later genealogical research.
  • Identify people on old family photos with the help of living relatives. Such information is difficult to obtain once contemporaries have passed away.
  • Collect documents such as family books, ancestor passports (Ahnenpass), Aryan certificates, family bibles and any correspondences. The more documents you can gather and provide prior to research, the more precisely the professional research of our experts will be!

II. Defining the research goal

The better you define your research goal previously, the more successful the research will be. Basically, Pro Heraldica offers two types of researches:

The Family Tree has more stories to tell. The progenitor is the earliest of the verified ancestors and is placed at the very bottom. The tree then displays his descendants. To create such a tree, previously an extensive and time-consuming research is necessary.

The Pedigree Chart shows the ancestry of a single person. For each generation only the parents are researched but not all of their children. The chart represents the genetic code of a family.

III. Start of the professional archive research

Genealogical research means archive research. As soon as you have defined your research goal Pro Heraldica will start the professional archive research. Every genealogical research begins with the vital sources of civil and church records.

IV. Creation of the Family Chronicle

As soon as the research is finalized Pro Heraldica creates the Family Chronicle which consists of two parts:

Part I – Chronicle Part II – Documentation
mood_gen4 mood_gen5
The chronicle narrates the family history. Beginning with the earliest ancestors, the complete family history is edited. In this part the customer will find the origin of the family name, the research approach, the problems encountered in the course of the investigation, the places and archives that have been used, and the regional history. So, your individual history is told in an impressive and unique way.   As long as there is no supporting evidence, a genealogical research is not respectable. The documentation contains all documents the genealogists found and used. This includes documents from the archives where the research was conducted. This enables the reader to comprehend the result research at all times.

VI. Artistic realization & Methods

“Someone who has no roots cannot grow.”

The artistic realization is the last step. Artists and graphic designers of Pro Heraldica will create your Family Tree or Pedigree Chart. These are the most popular presentations of the personal family history.

For the sake of completeness please see below other possibilities of presenting the family history:

The Paternal Line

mood_gen7The Paternal Line often is a limited work of research. In this method only the tribe is researched. Therefore the researcher only traces back the sons, fathers, grandfathers…

The Clan Tree

Stammbaum-Verschiedene1The Clan Tree is an extension of the family tree. It attempts to research all the descendents of the secondary lines with the same family name up to the present day. Sometimes the research is extended to all consanguine descendents. Therefore the Clan Tree includes the female secondary lines which — at least in older generations — do not bear the family name. In extreme cases, several hundred family names are appearing alongside the actual family name.

The Company Chronicles

Over the time creating a Company Chronicle has become increasingly important, especially for family companies. The chronicle narrates the history of the significant people who established and shaped the company.

Historical Buildings

There is a rising interest of owners and residents of historical buildings in researching the historic background of their special attraction like castles, estates, farms aso.

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