Signet Ring – A Jewelry Classic

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Signet Ring Model 5
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Signet Ring Model Reversible
Signet Ring Model Reversible
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When it comes to jewelry with engraved Coat of Arms the Signet Ring is an absolute classic. In former times, primarily royals wore it. With the rise of civil heraldry in the 13th century, Signet Rings among the bourgeoisie were also common. The seal confirmed the authenticity of documents.

The Signet Ring is the most traditional and popular way of turning a Coat of Arms into a piece of craftsmanship. Simultaneously it is the most personal way to live such a family tradition. The Signet Ring is ideal as a present for the loved ones, for instance the 21st birthday of your son or daughther.

The most popular models are made of precious metals (gold, platinum, or silver) equipped with a stone that has the engraved Coat of Arms. Signet rings with a metal plate are also much sought. The engraved Coat of Arms is reversed (mirror-inverted), so it comes out correctly on the seal. Direct engravings on gold or platinum plate are especially favored among gentlemen.

Every Signet Ring of Pro Heraldica is unique. The specialists are creating each ring in accordance with your specific wishes and demands. The artistic engraving requires a lot of experience, expertise and good craftsmanship. Every Pro Heraldica Signet Ring is hand-forged.

By the way: To wear your Signet Ring correctly the Coat of Arms needs to be facing outward, i.e. away from your body so others can see it.

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The Crest Ring

Ring Model 15
Ring Model 28 Bicolor
Ring Model 31
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Ring Model Carree

In contrast to Signet Rings, a Crest Ring is not designed for sealing. This is on the basis on how the Coat of Arms is placed on the ring. Often Crest Rings are equipped with a raised impression or relief. This relief stands out from the Crest Ring’s surface. However, the engraving of Signet Rings is carved into the stone or precious metal plate making them convenient for sealing.

For a fine gold inlay of the signet a thin thread is placed inside the engraving. So, the engraving is filled up again and has an even surface. Another difference to a Signet Ring is that the Crest Ring shows a positive image of the Coat of Arms.

When choosing a ring with a precious stone, we recommend a version which is not for sealing as the round shape and, thus, the desired appearance of the precious stone cannot be retained.

Pro Heraldica Ring Models

signetring.jpgAll of our Signet and Crest Rings are hand-forged, solidly built, and manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. Each ring made by Pro Heraldica is of high technical and artistic quality in order to provide a worthy representation of your Coat of Arms. To enable you to create your very individual ring you can choose between different metals of highest quality: White gold, yellow gold, rose gold each from 18 carat, or platinum. This is the maximum of individuality in a piece of jewelry. So, you will pretty sure find the right ring for every family member.

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Types of Stones

You can select from 100 models and close to 30 different types of stones. They can be combined individually which makes your Signet Ring a very individual piece of jewelry. In combination with your Coat of Arms as an engraving or relief, your Signet Ring becomes unique and distinctive.

Here is a small selection of the most popular stones we use for our Signet rings:


gem_gruppeAn absolute classic when it comes to selecting your favorite stone is the gemstone. Available in blue, red and green, this stone consists of two different layers. The top layer of green and red gemstones are white. After the engraving process the lower (darker) layer appears and makes the coat of arms clearly visible.


Black Onyx


Onyx captivates through its deep black color. It is especially suitable for engravings with gold inlays.

Lapis Lazuli


The Lapis Lazuli (Arabic/Latin for “blue stone”) is very popular due to its deep blue color and its tiny gold inclusions. The Lapis Lazuli consists of several minerals, mostly lazurite.

Green Jasper

jaspisJasper (Latin/Greek for “dapple stone”) is often called the godmother of stones. The one you see here has a green color and red inclusions of iron oxide.

Red Carnelian

carneolCarnelian is one of the oldest known gemstones, with written records dating back over 4000 years. It was highly prized and worn by many of the world’s noble people throughout ancient times. Its deep brown to red color is an eyecatcher.


The Engraving

When it comes to engravings of Signet and Crest Rings there is a difference between engravings which are meant for sealing and the ones which are not.

Engravings for Signet Rings

On stone On precious metal With gold insert
Signet Ring
This type of engraving is the most popular on Signet Rings. It looks particularly beautiful on a gemstone as after the engraving the darker layer of the gemstone appears and the Coat of Arms becomes clearly visible. The engraving is directly carved into a plate of precious metal. Here, an inlay of gold varnish is burned into the engraving. The onyx is especially suitable for this method since its black color provides a beautiful contrast to the gold inlay. Please note that the gold inlay is going to wear off over time.

Engravings for Crest Rings

Fine Gold Inlay Cameo Gemstone on Stone
This is a high exclusive way of engraving. The fine gold is laid out on the stone. The background of the Coat of Arms is carefully cut out so the Coat of Arms appears as relief standing out of the gemstone.
Relief Cast on Stone/Metal Engraving in Stone
Manufacturing of a high-quality gold relief cast of your Coat of Arms, which is then attached to a stone or precious metal plate. If you choose a precious stone for your ring, we recommend a non-sealing version. That is because only a slightly rounded shape can achieve the desired appearance of the stone. The engraving of the Coat of Arms or monogram is in the round precious stone.

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