Fine Arts for your Home


Adorn your best bed linen, towels and special items of clothing with your Family Coat of Arms to give them an exclusive and unique touch. The textile suppliers of Pro Heraldica are known for their classical designs, beautiful materials and high-quality workmanship. Pro Heraldica crowns these products with the addition of your Coat of Arms. Dress to impress!

Here is a selection of the Pro Heraldica range.


Setting the table

True quality is the result of skills and competence plus the fostering of traditional craftsmanship. It is first and foremost the classical methods of production and individual processing of first-class materials by the suppliers that result in the quality Pro Heraldica demands. Experienced craftsmen at Pro Heraldica then give your porcelain, silver and glass the final finish. This gives your hospitality and your surroundings a personal and unmistakable touch with your Coat of Arms.

Here is a selection of the Pro Heraldica range.


Leather goods

Hardly anything can be more individual and personal as your family coat of arms. It is linked with many memories. We would like to make your family coat of arms a companion to you in your daily life, for example, with purses, key cases or timers from our Tuscan leather collection which is made exclusively for our company and then adorned with your family coat of arms. For those who like it a little more obvious – we can supply you with a radiator grille for your auto complete with family coat of arms in original colors!

Here is a selection from the Pro Heraldica range. We would be pleased to show you our complete collection in original.


Living with tradition

The tradition of decorating a family dwelling with a Coat of Arms goes back a long way. The experienced craftsmen and traditional craft businesses at Pro Heraldica stylishly put this into practice exactly as you desire. So, your family Coat of Arms will become a defining part of your surroundings.

The family Coat of Arms painted on to real parchment, or elaborately designed and framed heraldic letters and delicate wooden models will lend your domestic surrounding a unique atmosphere. Or just display these tangible traditions outside with classical stonemasonry or a door handle bearing your Coat of Arms. A wooden or relief casting of your Coat of Arms will also represent your traditions and values in a charming way.

Here is a selection of the Pro Heraldica range.