Fine Arts Collection

Make traditions tangible and bring them to life.

Living traditions and experiencing them in our everyday life are making them valuable at all. Therefore a tradition is only a tradition when it is tangible. But how does one make traditions tangible? By carrying them with us for a lifetime and keeping them alive. Hence, a truly lived tradition is a companion which attends us in our everyday life.

With your costly family jewels you create a strong league between all generations – equipped with a Family Coat of Arms in addition it will be unique and distinctive. A Family Coat of Arms is foremost a highly personal and special way of cultivating traditions. A Signet Ring for example is not only a simple jewelry. Rather it is a sign of a sophisticated lifestyle, which is proudly passed on to future generations. Thus traditions are immortalized.

Artistical Implementation

In addition to scientific research, Pro Heraldica implements your Family Coat of Arms artistically and with great care to tangible perfection. Our client’s lifestyles differ just the same as family histories do. Each design and composition reflects individual ideas and wishes. Many years of cooperation with experienced artists and craftsmen working to traditional principles allow us to meet these wishes.

There are always occasions to pass on a personal gift to the next generation. Did you think of giving your daughter a very personal gift on her wedding day? A collier or a Signet Ring engraved with the Family Coat of Arms not only will perfectly accomplish this intention but also symbolize an eternal bond with the family.

Your Family Coat of Arms gives your hospitality and your surroundings a distinctive touch. Imagine of beautiful and noble silver, porcelain and glasses perfected with your Family Coat of Arms. This will allow you to express your individual and unusual sense for style in a classy way.

Each generation will associate such precious family items with new memories – perhaps remembering sitting on Grandpa’s lap whilst he proudly explained the meaning of the Family Coat of Arms engraved on his pocket watch. These are memories which make traditions unique and irreplaceable. A piece of jewelry engraved with the Family Coat of Arms is the most beautiful sign of external and internal bonds. It creates an alliance sealed between the generations.

Due to the large possibilities and range of our Fine Arts it is up to you to decide what to decorate with your individual Coat of Arms. Let your imaginations run free and present your Coat of Arms in an impressive way!