Researching your Coat of Arms

Often clients provide a copy of a Coat of Arms under which their family name is written. Naturally in such cases family members get curious about their lineage to the original founder and the degree of their right to bear it.

The process of researching a historic Coat of Arms that belongs to your ancestors always starts with your own family history. Whether you already have ties to a specific Coat of Arms, or are curious to trace your lineage back to find out about potential Coat of Arms of your ancestors.

Reaching the source ancestor often requires more than 300 years of family history. As you see, the scope of involved research is great! The experts of Pro Heraldica have the resources and discipline to carry out an undertaking of this magnitude. They previously know where to look within a large private archive of heraldry reference works and literature. They also know how to decipher reports, to reveal the meaning of your Coat of Arms, as well as your family’s right to bear it.

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Research Matters

The similarity in family name alone does not automatically entitle someone to bear a Coat of Arms.

In fact, anyone wishing to bear an existing Coat of Arms needs to provide evidence of the rights to bear it. This means the proof of a direct lineage to the original founder of the particular Coat of Arms. To find this out your we need to research your family history.

Most of the Coats of Arms shown in technical literature originate from the 1500s to the 1700s. Therefore you need to prove at least 300 years of family history that goes back directly to the ancestor who created the Coat of Arms. The capability to trace this kind of information is very rare, since it spans across continents and centuries. We have completed over 50,000 successful family research projects so far. Pro Heraldica has an equipment like no other company in the world and supports you on your journey to the past.

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Heraldic Research with Reference

During the family research process, our experts consult the largest private heraldry library in the world. Heraldic research commences with bibliographies, family histories, lexica and maps. The research continues to registers of heraldic figures, books on heraldry, heraldic collections and historic heraldic rolls.

It is impossible to discover every family’s entitlement in a centralized work only. Different historic sources address different heraldic collections and it is not possible to find all Coats of Arms there due to lack of records. Many were used only privately and were never published. When the literature does not come up with any answers, the archives form further sreps.

Heraldic Archives

Only very seldom and for special reasons our team consults the heraldic archives. In most of cases searching the archives is necessary when the research comes to a halt. This often indicates a high social status of your ancestors increasing the chance of an existing Coat of Arms. In the archives then the researchers discover Coats of Arms attached to sealed documents. The archives are also rich with additional genealogical resources like paintings, documents of nobility, conferral documents, church windows and ecclesiastical paintings, or registers of crafts and guilds. Each piece provides additional light and a new perspective on the historical story, making your family history fascinating.

Your Family Coat of Arms

If you believe that a historic Coat of Arms exists to you family, a well-researched family history is a prerequisite. Pro Heraldica is expertly equipped to take this journey with you and your family. Contact us to discuss the next steps!