Creating your Family Coat of Arms

Not only are historic Coats of Arms valuable. So, just imagine being the first person in your family who founds a Coat of Arms. Can you think of a better way to pass on family traditions to next generations? Be the knight of your immortal family history!

Creation Process

I. Your Wishes and Ideas:

Every family has its own history. Therefore, we do not have ready-made Coat of Arms. We put your story, your family and your individuality into your Coat of Arms. Tell us about important things of your family and yourself. The professional heralds will translate these in an artistic and heraldry way. You will find your history in your Family Crest again for sure! 

To ensure we will create the perfect Coat of Arms for you, you will get a questionnaire. This way we will clarify which parts of your life are the most important to illustrate on your Coat of Arms. Mostly people symbolize their professions and traditional values of their families. Ideologies and the family-roots are also worthy to take in account. 

Do not hesitate to tell us about special ideas and wishes. Our heralds love challenges!


II. Heraldic Rules:

In general the possibilities of combinations and creations are endless! Nevertheless, the herald has to heed heraldic rules in order to create an authentic Coat of Arms. This rules originate from the 12th century and are still valid. A proper Coat of Arms must measure up to the highest standards in each of the following four areas: 


The professional work of Pro Heraldica is based on strict ancient rules of German Heraldry. A correctly commissioned Coat of Arms contains the following elements: 


If one of these elements is missing, the Coat of Arms breaches the binding law on heraldry.The shield and crest are the most important elements. They need to be consistent and factually correct. That means they must correspond exactly to the blazon, a description of your Coat of Arms in technical language. So, any herald will be able to recreate your Coat of Arms only by reading it.

Within these restrictions the imagination of a herald artist then brings the unique Coat of Arms to life. The style of representation can be modified as long as they remain mindful of the rules. For example, the herald artist has freedom when designing the mantling (the decorative scroll-work around a shield) — a fact that is best seen in changes made to it over the centuries. The mantling draped around the Coat of Arms can also be individually designed, something which in the Baroque age was totally different from the sober designs of the age of Classicism.

Transformation of Coat of Arms over time

Transformation of Coat of Arms over time


A vital aspect of commissioning a Coat of Arms is confirming its uniqueness. Each Coat of Arms must be distinct from all its predecessors! No two Coats of Arms are alike.

The services of a professional and experienced heralds are required to provide a comprehensive knowledge of all the many different Coats of Arms that are currently known. Pro Heraldica takes great pride in its heralds’ experience, attention to detail and discipline. These skills are essential to declare with efficiency and absolute certainty that a particular Coat of Arms is absolutely unique.

Colors & Hatching

An essential feature of good heraldry is its simplicity. Wherever possible only a few distinctive colors are used. The color palette of a herald is governed by centuries-old rules. It is limited to five specific colors red, blue, black and green. Providing the necessary contrast are the light-colored metals gold and silver (“or” and “argent”), which can appear as yellow or white in the depiction. Other “natural” colors (e.g. brown for a tree trunk) are an exception.

Heraldry metals and colors

Heraldry metals and colors


Heraldry recognizes more than 400 common symbols and figures. Depending on its context there is a possibility that one and the same symbol has totally different interpretations from one Coat of Arms to another. The meaning is explained in depth in heraldic reports.

One very well known example of the many different meanings is the figure of the lion. It might represent different meanings like the bearer’s zodiac sign (Leo), the origin of the bearer (e.g., Bavaria), or the family name “Lion”.

The symbolism is an essential part of the Heraldry since it is the storytelling part of it. People and families have a lot to tell but when it comes to heraldry less is more. When getting creative and collecting ideas for your Coat of Arms you can consider following rule of thumb: A good Coat of Arms is one, that’s details are still apparent effortless on a little stamp. Therefore always think about the most essential and significant facts in your family history. Avoid overloading elements.


III. The first Draft 

After the herald knows your wishes he creates a very first draft for you. You will have the chance to give him your personal feedback for this draft. Do not worry if you are not happy with it. Up to three drafts are possible. Since we emphasize customer satisfaction it is important for us that you can identify with your Family Crest.


IV. Representation of your Coat of Arms

As soon as we get your approval of a draft we finalize your Coat of Arms. Along with your finalization, you will receive a Commission Report and a Patent. All of the details of your Family Coat of Arms, as well as the meanings of the individual components, are illustrated and explained in detail. At Pro Heraldica, we pride ourselves in the attractive presentation of these documents.


We look forward to taking this journey with you! We are happy to provide answers to any questions you have about commissioning your personal Coat of Arms. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Client Satisfaction

Primarily it is important that the client is pleased with his new Coat of Arms. That is why Pro Heraldica emphasizes your ideas and imaginations. Since it is your personal Coat of Arms it is essential that you and your family are able to identify with it. Even within the limitations set by the heraldic rules, we always achieved astonishing results through rich symbolism that imparts a strong personal statement. Some of our clients wish to see a certain aspect of their life’s philosophy depicted in their Coat of Arms. This is often a complex idea but our heralds can implement by using timeless symbolism.

Below the line Pro Heraldica only will be happy when you are! Please contact us to create your very own Family Coat of Arms!