Coat of Arms & Family Crest

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
– David Odgen Stiers

When we talk about Family, we do not mean the small nuclear family. We are talking about the big picture. A family is a great affiliation that connects generations. A family is a link to the past and a bridge to the future. Your family history is what constitues you. Therefore, each family has an individual family history which is worth to be expressed. 

Do you want to act out your personal family history? 

Do you want to express your affiliation?

Do you want to immortalize your family across generations?

A Family Coat of Arms is exactly what you need! 

Contrary to popular belief, every citizen is entitled to bear a Coat of Arms. It is not just reserved for the nobility. Furthermore, people do not grant Coats of Arms to someone. Now, as ever someone who wanted to bear a Coat of Amrs just commissioned it. The commisioner then passed it to next generations. This is why a Family Crest is the most convenient way of immortalizing the family history. It will keep up old traditions and true values of the family. An individual Crest is the most valueable treasure of a family. Connect generations with a special bond and create a durable legacy. Streghten family ties and create your own Family Coat of Arms with Pro Heraldica!

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Due to the expertise of over 45 years, Pro Heraldica will support you to establish your personal Coat of Arms in the best way. A Coat of Arms is a lasting legacy and represents you and the history of your family. It provides a tangible and personal tradition. Can you imagine a better way of passing on traditions and individual stories to the next generations?

In fact, every family story needs a representative Coat of Arms.

For more details do not hesitate to contact the professional heralds at Pro Heraldica!

Our Service

Professional realization.

Creating a new Family Crest is one of the most cherished opportunities of Pro Heraldica. It calls upon the precise training and sensitivity of the experienced artists to balance the needs and wishes of the client with the strict heraldic laws. This discipline emerges something both contemporary and heraldically true: An image to endure for a lifetime and even longer.

The heralds will guide you through the completion of your new Coat of Arms. They have the expertise to adhere to the ancient rules of heraldry. These rules dictate, how colors and metals can be used, which elements must be present, and most importantly, that a new Coat of Arms is unique from all throughout history that have come before it.

Within these guidelines, our experts know how to incorporate your wishes, ideas and unique family history to enable a proper registration of your individual Coat of Arms. Your input and approval are vital in the process of creating. This is important to get a timeless representation of your personal identity and family history.

Unique and authentic Coat of Arms.

Pro Heraldica has access to the largest private genealogy and heraldry library in the world. Therefore it is a guarantee that you will get a unique & personal Coat of Arms that is distinct from all other ones. The uniqueness of each Coat of Arms is the golden rule of heraldry, that way it will be best protected against misuse by ensuring its ability for registration.

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 Your Coat Of Arms

The processes of both bearing and commissioning of a Crest demand a strict adherence to rules established centuries ago. You will need a professional partner as you commit to delve into your family’s past.

With decades of experience in research and creation, Pro Heraldica offers expertise and resources at levels that no other service will ever match. Some of unique features and key facts of Pro Heraldica are listed below:

  • Commissioning of more than 15,000 Coat of Arms
  • Access to the largest private Heraldry and Genealogy library in the world
  • Team of trained heraldic artists adhering to the precise principles established 800 years ago
  • Important relationships with master artisans for hand painting and Fine Arts creation
  • Commitment to the highest levels of professional service and customer satisfaction

Bring Your History Forward!

If you’re curious about your Heraldry and the sense of pride an authentic Coat of Arms can give to your family, contact us!