When the profession of family research becomes a passion

At Pro Heraldica, every genealogical research and coat of arms commissioning is unique. No story and no coat of arms are alike. And as in almost no other area, our employees have a very private insight into the lives of our clients. A trust-based relationship is therefore indispensable in our work. In addition, our genealogists have a great deal of passion for exploring family histories and dealing with them. This often results in a very close connection between us and our clients. Last week, our CEO Harald Heimbach received a call from Hans-Joachim Frohne, who absolutely wanted to personally thank him for the cooperation. In a subsequent e-mail, he described the way Pro Heraldica works as follows:

Dear Mr. Heimbach,

I would like to live up to your wish under the impression of the very nice conversation: my comments on this ->

In discussions with my conversational partners, acquaintances and friends, I do not miss an opportunity to talk about our crest and family history. Our completed work makes me proud and happy at the same time – a sense of inner peace and also the feeling of having taken a good step for the upcoming generation.

And all of this has come about with Pro Heraldica’s employees over many years of collaboration – our family history research and then the design of the coat of arms.

Again and again, it was a great deal to work with Pro Heraldica’s employees to create our family research and bring it to life.

Maybe it is not the cheapest version of family research, but worth every cent cause of the excellent collaboration. You can sense in every way that the Pro Heraldica employees are not concerned with the client’s “customer” money, but with their concerns. Over the many years of joint research of our family history, we have grown together “almost as if to a family” and that is a defining impression.

The task becomes the passion of the individual

Over and over again I feel how the task becomes to passion of the individual, and that is unique in working with Pro Heraldica!

I firmly believe that the spoken word is always dependent on the previous or current conversation and just like the shot down arrow, which will not come back again.

Pro Heraldica is not just a company that helps with family research and design, but rather a partner in the matter itself!

I wish you all the best and hope you will always have satisfied customers like me.

Best regards from Flechtorf

Hans-Joachim Frohne

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