The new Chronometers – Unique to the heart

Passion attracts. You do not really except chronometers here: The motor show in Stuttgart. A huge playground for many car loving men. As luck would have it Harald Heimbach and Jochen Benzinger are crossing each others path here. Nevertheless both business men have one more thing in common, which brings them together. They love their work…. Read more »

The Family Déjà Vu

Similarities within families are not unusual. Our heralds often come up against the fact that an ancestor had the same profession generations ago as his great-grandchild today. However, sometimes even our professional heralds who are doing this job for many years are surprised when it comes to parallels beyond generations. In this particular case the… Read more »

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How A Pro Heraldica Watch Is Made – Part IV

Today we were able to get a first look at the finalized full skeleton watch Floral. We are highly impressed! See again the complete production procedure of this masterpiece here. The precious watch is equiped with a black movement, Coat of Arms of Pro Heraldica and brown alligator-band. Just see for yourself and have a… Read more »

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How A Pro Heraldica Watch Is Made – Part III

Today’s post is dedicated to our model “Subskription”. You will get an impression about the work of our watchmaker. You will see how the charming watch is formed out of the different raw parts step by step. The photos below will show you the detailed work behind the “Pro Heraldica Subskription”, e.g. the arrangement of… Read more »

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How a Pro Heraldica Watch Is Made – Part I

In a number of blog posts we have already been emphasizing that our Pro Heraldica Fine Arts products are handcrafted. Now, it is time to have a look behind the scenes and look over the manufacturer’s shoulder. Today, we would like to show you how a Pro Heraldica Chronometer is made. For that purpose we… Read more »

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