High Tech Heraldry

Cornielje AFBack to the roots; Heraldry becomes 3D once more.

It is about a year ago now that I stumbled across some remarkable renditions of coats of arms.

The first time I laid eyes on the 3D arms designed and developed exclusively for Fine Legacy & Pro Heraldica, I was honestly smitten and in awe.

Looking at these arms, I was thrown back centuries in time and I felt as if I could touch the shields and crests appearing on my laptop.

3D technology at its best: I could imagine the clanging sounds of swords on shields, I could see the mantling waving in the wind and feel the excitement of a jousting tournament getting hold of me.

I remember clearly the family names of those arms: Taxis, Flores and Rittner.

Taxis Flores_3D_Web Rittner_3D_Web
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Seeing those magnificent arms I knew straight away: I wouldn’t rest before seeing the Cornielje arms displayed in this fashion as well!

There is something magical about coats of arms.

They seem to harbour promises of class, style, honour and adventure.

In particular the almost life-real 3D renditions by Pro Heraldica make these promises come to life.

The attention to detail and the profound love for the art are palpable in the works, as one can see in the displayed images below.

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I am extremely happy about the rendition of our arms sent to me by Fine Legacy and Pro Heraldica and find the price of these renditions absolutely fair.

Join the armiger ranks of the 21st Century and get one of these 3D arms: they look great on just about everything: stationary, business cards, clothing etc.

High-Tech Heraldry: chivalry and adventure are still alive!

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