About Pro Heraldica

More than 45 years Pro Heraldica & 75 years Dochtermann heritage

Pro HeraldicaOur job: Guiding the spirit of tradition into the modern age with professional Genealogy & Heraldry

Pro Heraldica Germany has been tracing family Coats of Arms and family histories for more than 45 years – covering a wide range of activities from research work, to the design and hand-crafted implementation of Signet Rings, from Pedigree Charts to Family Trees.

Family Chronicles are increasingly gaining importance. We write them when concluding our research work. They contain not only the historical data of a genealogical research but also many memorable events in a family. The family histories of the “New Age” are becoming so much more exciting, interesting and entertaining that they result in complete biographies. The family archive collects a large volume of documents.

Companies also agree that history and tradition play an important role in their corporate image. Hence, the search key “History Marketing” has scored around 735 million Google hits.

The history of a company only will be communicated internally and to the outside world on the basis of a well-substantiated archive. Therefore, it is essential that it is done in good time. A company chronicle can be compiled on the occasion of a special jubilee to tell of the tradition of the company’s sustained activities – both past and present. It is possible to further illustrate the story with biographies of personalities who were, or still are significant for the company.


Ethics are a classical branch of philosophy, addressing the moral value of human conduct. At Pro Heraldica, ethics enjoys top priority in the corporate philosophy. This is why our code of business conduct bases on the following principles:


 kindness, commitment and creativity is what drives Pro Heraldica. The transparency in all of our activities creates trust and a strong relationship with our customers. Our prime target always is the customer service. This is why we provide inidvidual services to meet each client’s wishes.


Wappen BlindpIn order to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction we process orders with due diligence. This is only possible by continually optimizing results and adhering to schedules. When opinions differ, we are not dogmatic we rather aim to exceed the client’s expectations at the highest levels. Honesty and sincerity are the most important elements for this.

Genealogy & Heraldry

Heraldry expertTo optimize our performance we are processing orders at top-levels. We assume complete responsibility for all generated results. We document all researchs, in case this is not possible results are marked as non-documentable. Time and cost management is always assured in the client’s interest. Decades of expertise of our team enables us to achieve maximum research results.

Coats of Arms are designed tastefully and exquisitely with high class graphics. They are always complying to the strict heraldry rules which guarentees their authenticity. To get even more professional employees participate in conventions to train and improve. Furthermore, technical literature and state-of-the-art technology are essential companions. Absolute discretion with customers data is a matter of course for Pro Heraldica.

Fine Arts

High quality is the quintessence of our work. To ensure this we only cooperate with the best and most qualified craftsmen in the field. Therefore, only the best material will be processed. Our artists and craftsmen are working with the maximum of creativity when designing objects. This enables an exquisite design. Pro Heraldica is always looking for new developments of products to expand the collection. 


Foundation Team
  • 1972: under the name Dr. Mohr GmbH
  • 1977: Re-named Pro Heraldica Deutsche Forschungsgeselsschaft
    für Heraldik und Genealogie mbH
  • Managing Director: Harald Heimbach
  • Chief Scientist: Clemens Kech
  • 55 Employees of which 30 are professional historians & genealogists
  • approx. 300 specialist genealogists abroad
Scientific Advisory Capacity
  • Dr. Rolf Sutter
  • Dr. Claire Boudreau
  • Mark D. Dennis
  • Prof. Dr. Burkart Oertel
  • Membership in all important national and international genealogical
    & heraldic associations as legal entities or through their employees
  • Max. 700-800 research orders each year
  • More than 50,000 research orders since 1972

The Archives & Reference Library

archivesWith more than 30,000 volumes we have the largest private specialist reference library for heraldry and genealogy worldwide. This library contains genealogical & heraldic documentations, the largest known collection of seals and also genealogical and heraldica data bases.

I. The Archives

The Pro Heraldica archives consist of around 80,000 files kept on meters and meters of shelving. They contain not only heraldic files but also comprehensive genealogical files gathered together in more than 45 years of research work. Our own research reports are supplemented by the genealogical and heraldic archives of Alfred Dochtermann containing more than 30,000 files of research from pre-war sources which today are no longer accessible. To mention just one example: The archives contain original correspondence from the Thirties as well as innumerous hand-drawn drafts of Coats of Arms. The Alfred Dochtermann archives are part of the research archives of Pro Heraldica. Together with his reference library it counts as the second largest collection in private possession, exclusively today in the hands of Pro Heraldica. This in addition makes Pro Heraldica especially professional and succesful. 

II. The Reference Library

If research is to be scientifically based the researcher must be able to access comprehensive sources at all times. One of these resources is a reference library.  A well-stocked reference library and archives are the best requisites for successful research. At Pro Heraldica we have built up in more than 45 years of research work the largest private specialized reference library for heraldry and genealogy. Whole walls have disappeared behind shelving – after all, the 30,000 books need room – not to mention the new ones arriving each week!

The information held here is today priceless as it is so unique. The private Pro Heraldica library also includes the works of the two eminent authorities Neubecker and Dochtermann as well as the unique collections of Kenfenheur and Zangerer aso.

We are repeatedly confronted with new research situations and if we want to stay up to date then we have to develop. That means we have to read, read, and read! So the length of our bookshelves has been growing with every additional item of knowledge we gain. Day in, day out. For more than 45 years.

Social Issues

In its work, Pro Heraldica stands for values such as the family, togetherness, responsibility, and awareness of history and cultural heritage.
And that is why we regularly support projects which aim to protect and promote these values.

I. People and family:

We support initiatives and facilities which champion families, children and young people and/or help those who have fallen into need or have gotten into difficulties. Therefore we select a project which addresses a social problem at regular intervals. Here are just some of the projects we have supported in the past:

  • Support for the Huruma School, Tansania, Africa – a school for daisabled children
  • The promotion Verkehrs-Malbuch Alexandra-Sophia-Stiftung e.V: Stuttgart – a coloring book for elementary school kids making them aware of danger on the roads
  • The promotion Verkehrs-Malbuch Alexandra-Sophia-Stiftung e.V: Stuttgart, si support for the Münsterbauverein e.V. Ulm – a project to finance the restoration of the Ulm cathedral & support of the Dr. Otto-Schäfer Stiftung musuem in Schweinfurt
  • The promotion Sicherer Schulweg (safe school way) for Stuttgart children, an initiative of the Alexandra-Sophia Stiftung e.V. and the bw-Verlag, publishers from Filderstadt
  • Promotion of the broadcasting company Antenne 1 for the benefit of street kids in Stuttgart
  • Babyklappe Stuttgart an initiative which tries to prevent desperate mothers from abandoning their new-born
  • Promotion Trott War – in recognition of those people who have actively overcome their difficulties

II. Culture and cultural heritage:

In our research work we are reliant on historical documents and facilities which is why we also support the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage:

  • International Delphic Council which we supported from the very beginning with words and deeds. The IDC has undertaken to promote culture and organizes each year the Delphic Games – a humanitarian and artistic pendant to the Olympic Games.
  • The Anna Amalia Library in Weimar. The catastrophic fire of 2004 destroyed historical sources such as those which form the basis of our research work. With our contribution we hope to be able to restore a part of the destroyed reference library and to prevent such a tragedy to happen again.
  • Restoration of the Cathedral in Ulm. One of South Germany’s greatest cultural monuments that always needs some repair.