PRO HERALDICA is the preeminent genealogy and heraldry company in the world.

For over 40 years, Pro Heraldica as been researching family histories as well as tracing and creating coats of arms for families. Employing over 300 researchers to assist us, we have the ability to deliver results unlike any other group of genealogy and heraldry experts in the world.

  • Over 115 years of combined expertise and competence
  • 50,000 family histories presented
  • 15,000+ family crests delivered to happy families
  • Staff of experts who can read, interpret & translate lost languages
  • Largest private genealogy and heraldry library in the world

PRO HERALDICA provides the professional research it takes to truly delve into and capture all of the necessary elements that create a family history. Each family research project is unique and has to be accurately documented and validated before it can be incorporated into a family history.

Mutual trust and absolute discretion are the cornerstones
 of our business. We are at your service at any time for a personal conversation and individual counseling.

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genealogyFor more than 40 years Pro Heraldica does professional genealogy. Experts from all over the world are researching exciting family histories. As a result of the research the Family Tree or Pedigree Chart tells your personal family story. Bring your past to life and impress with a rich detailed Family Chronicle or Biography. Connect generations and strengthen cohesion.

Expertise and Experience

Pro Heraldica has a global network of 300 professional research experts and historians. The specialists are uniquely qualified to do the research job of your family history. In addition native speaking genealogists are skilled to understand and translate foreign documents. Therefore, no other team has more access, expertise and experience.

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Coat of ArmsA Coat of Arms represents a family’s traditions and history. It is a symbol of consistency and family pride. Living and experiencing own traditions preserves them for next generations. Therefore, a Family Crest symbolizes your individual family values and reveals them. Pro Heraldica will accompany you professionally through this intention.

There are two ways to bear an authentic Coat of Arms:

  • Historic Crest: You are curious if there is a historic Crest for your family? Pro Heraldica checks the permission of you and your family to bear it regarding your family history.
  • New Crest: Not only historic Crests are valuable. Commission a new one for you and future generations. So, you will be the first person in your family commissioning a Crest! Immortalize your family and its history!

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